The Rural Charity



Rural communities are facing significant challenges, and that poverty remains an important dimension of rural life, albeit one that is often hidden and poorly addressed. A wide range of issues influence and shape experiences of rural poverty including the nature of the labour market, income adequacy, affordable and accessible housing, fuel poverty and access to services. Our society has been linked with the local rural economy for more than a century and the original objectives of education, encouragement and support for the people who make up that economy has never been truer than now.


Our Mission Statement


To make funds available for individuals, groups and organisations who share an interest in agriculture and the rural economy of Shropshire. Such funds will be available to support those suffering temporary hardship, to help promote education and learning in the rural economy and to help support organisations whose ambitions and objectives are similar to those of our own.


Aims & Objectives


Our mission is central to our logo ‘Rural Charity’ and we do this in various ways. The Charity shops will form an integral part of our organisation by receiving donations of unwanted goods and other items from within communities they serve. The recycling of furniture, clothing and collectables will help to provide employment, act as a local hub for the Society’s activities and to raise the necessary funds to enable our objectives to be realised.

Income generated from the proceeds of sales will help to make the Shropshire & West Midlands Agricultural Society  self-sustaining and the surplus funds will form a bursary to help to finance our objectives. We expect to be able to make donations to our supported schemes such as the National Young Farmer’s organisation, RABI, our two agricultural colleges and to individuals who find themselves in financial or other difficulties or who need retraining, financial support and temporary help.